The Parish Vision LLC Model © is designed to increase parishoner engagement in Catholic parishes through evangelization with spiritual growth. This occurs when:

  • Actively engaged parishioners reach out to those who are not actively engaged.
  • The entire parish to embraces the process.
  • Spiritual content is present in all parish ministries
  • Both the engaged and unengaged experience spiritual growth.
  • Spiritual content and faith sharing is included in all parish ministry.

The Parish Vision LLC Evangelization through Spiritual Growth © process catechizes parishioners on (1) how the parish mission is realized within individual ministries and (2) how evangelization occurs through parish ministry. The process includes a Mission-Vision Seminar, spiritual leadership training for ministry leaders, the core Foundations training for all Parishioners, consistent spiritual content within all ministries, a parish-wide outreach/communications campaign and measuring results with enhanced parish data tracking.

The Evangelization through Spiritual Growth process is innovative and designed to be replicable in diverse parishes. It uses a specific package of catechetical training materials that is customized for each parish.


"Foundations - Building your Faith"

A vibrant course featuring live speakers, small group discussion, and engaging topics that will draw participants into a deeper understanding of Catholicism while offering practical ways to live it out through the local community.

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For the Ride Home

For the Ride Home is a reflection that brings the Sunday readings into daily life.

Read this week's reflection online, or include For the Ride Home in your Sunday bulletin!